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SOLD OUT - Christmas Cross | Nativity | Gold | Cut-Out Scenes | 12" | DICHPLQ17

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Sold Out
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 Tell the Christmas story with our nativity cross.  At the center of the cross, the Holy Family gathers together, Joseph lighting the night with his lamp.  On the horizontal arms, angels trumpet as doves look upon the scene.  Making their way up the vertical part of the cross, the wise man journey toward their King.  Above it all, the star of Bethlehem shines.  Camel, palm trees, rays of light and ancient buildings add to the rich detail of this cross.  The cross stands twelve inches tall.  It can grace a wall, but consider keeping it on a table where it can be picked up and contemplated with the attention the subject deserves.

Nativity Cross Details:

  • Cut Out Scenes Depict Holy Family and Wise Men Journeying to Them
  • Accompanying Prose on Back of Box
  • Resin
  • Gold
  • 12"