SOLD OUT - 6 Piece Traditional Nativity Set | Ornate | 26" | MAR6311122

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Sold Out for the Season
71.50 LBS

Intricate detailing, coupled with lavish colors, make this six piece nativity set worth the investment. Standing out in contrast to His elaborately ornamented audience, The Christ Child lays upon a simple manger bathed in white, with only a cloth to cover Him.  Mary's hands are joined in reverence and Joseph bears his lamp as they look upon Him.  The three kings, likewise, approach ever reverent.  Note the folds of the garments that cover their slender figures and the intricate details of their hems, dotted with occasional gemstones. Even their crowns and gifts bear embellishments.  Despite all their finery, all who are present know that they do not outshine the True King, and they adore Him.  The taller pieces measure 26 inches.  Let this nativity remind all who enter your home of His humble, yet unsurpassed sovereignty.  

6 Piece Traditional Nativity Set Details:

  • Ornate Design
  • Set Includes 
  • Set Includes Jesus, Mary, Joseph, & 3 Kings
  • Tallest Piece is 26" High
  • MAR6311122