4 Pc Folk Nativity Set | Hand Painted | Russian Design | 10" | GDB52652B4

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Exquisite detail adorns this folk nativity set entitled "Sacred Unity".

Each piece, hand-poured using a wood-based resin material, will so closely resemble the hand-carved original that the woodcarver cannot tell the difference.  A corps of artists from around the world - each trained in the Russian techniques of decoration and story painting - meticulously paints each piece to the exact likeness of the original. Amazingly, each artist paints free-hand, without guidelines. The painting is usually added in three to nine layers. Using rich color palettes duplicating those in Russian villages, gifted artists create the magnificent scenes and decorations.

The Infant Jesus lies swaddled in his manger while Mary and Joseph keep watch.  Their garments, intricately embellished with patterns and designs, have equally detailed illustrations of the nativity.  The pieces in this limited edition set range in height from two to ten inches.  Included in the set is a magnifying glass perfect to examine every detail up close.  This lovely set comes in a handsome case, perfect to protect and store your treasure to hand down from one generation to the next.

"Sacred Unity Nativity Set Details:

  • Limited Edition DeBrekht
  • Includes Jesus, Mary, Joseph & Magnifying Glass
  • Hand-Painted in Russian Folk Art Style
  • Polywood Resin
  • Pieces Range from 2" - 10"
  • Handsome Wooden Case


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