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SOLD OUT 2021 - Jubilee or Trinity Cross | Brown Border | Holy Images | 10" | Italy

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1.00 LBS

The Jubilee Cross, also known as the Trinity Cross,  is rich with imagery, making it worthy of contemplation. "Christus Heri Semper Hodie".  Christ is the same yesterday, today and always.  The four words surround the image at the center of this cross, The Holy Trinity.

Most interesting is the center depiction of the Holy trinity, depicted in classical iconographic style.  The Father, no longer depicted as an aged man, looks the same as the Son.  The Son is recognized because he sits on the Father's right and carries the stigmata.  The Holy Spirit, represented by the dove, touches the mouths of the Father and Son with its wings, indicating that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. The rich imagery of this cross is further explained in a description on the back - certainly worth studying.

At the top of the cross, we see the visitation of the three Angels to Abraham.  The left wing of the cross shows the Baptism of the holy Child.  The lower part of the cross depicts Jesus' Crucifixion.  The right wing of the cross shows the Holy Trinity during the Resurrection.  

The cross, one of our Italian imports, is made of wood and measures ten inches.  This ornate cross would be a lovely gift.  

Jubilee Cross Details:

  • Also Known as Trinity Cross
  • Holy Images Around Holy Trinity
  • "Christus Heri Semper Hodie" Translates to "Christ Is the Same Yesterday, Today and Always
  • Brown Border 
  • From Italy
  • 10"
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