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Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Candleholder | Nuestro Padre | Wood | Jerusalem | BAVSG

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This candleholder is perfect for a place where you would like to set up a personal devotional space for Our Lady of Guadalupe.   The candleholder,  imported from Jerusalem, is made from a type of mahogany and can hold two candles.   Small grooves hold vials with water and oil from the Holy Land.  Incense is encased just below the metal image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the "Nuestro Padre" prayer is carved on the back of the panel. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Candleholder Details:

  • Includes: Stand, Plaque, Base, 2 Candles, Vial of Oil, Vial of Water,
  • Incense Encased on Plaque
  • "Nuestor Padre" on Back of Plaque
  • Imported from Jerusalem
  • Mahogany Wood
  • 8" x 2"
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