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Holy Oil Stock | Cast Resin | Gold Plate Brass Liner | USA

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Manufactured in Tulsa, OK by the F.C. Ziegler Co. this is truly a unique Holy Oil Stock vessel! Measuring 2.5- Inches wide by 6.75- Inches tall and cast in a solid resin allows for the Holly Oil Stock to be light weight and manageable in one hand. Finished in an antique bronze gold color you will notice that the oil stock features an intricate designs all around the piece with a gold plated brass liner on the inside  to elevate the sacred particles that are to be held in the vessel. Perfect for anyone celebrating the Anointing of a Sacrament -  Order Now!


  • Cast in Resin
  • 2.5" Wide x 6.75" Tall
  • Gold Plate Brass Liner
  • Antique Bronze Gold Finish
  • *Available in Silver Oxidized finish(Please mention in order comment which finish you are wanting)
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