Gothic Chasuble | Ornate Cross | Slabbinck | 3170G53GPU

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Acclaimed as one of their most artistic designs, Slabbinck's Regina Collection includes this breathtaking Gothic Chasuble. Featuring their signature Dupion fabric as well as professionally woven orphreys and embroideries this Gothic Chasuble has continuously been a top seller! The Dupion Fabric that makes up the body of this Gothic Chasuble, is a rich, green, silk fabric produced by using both fine and uneven threading during the weaving process. Complimenting the exquisite beauty of this vestment is the simple Plain "O" neckline finished in a shimmering galoon and the elaborately woven orphrey banding which is designed in the shape of the St. Andrew's Cross and features Slabbinck's exclusive Regina multi-colored brocading. Meticulously woven, this brocading is a richly decorative and colorful design of silks. Lastly, centered on the chest of this Gothic Chasuble is a hand-embroidered emblem which displays a beautiful interpretation of the classic Catholic symbol: an Ornate Golden Cross. Order Now! 

Chasuble Details:

  • Length 49"
  • Width 59"
  • Fabric: Dupion 70% Polyester 30% Viscose
  • Plain "O" Neckline
  • Liturgical Color: Green
  • Made in Belgium
  • Matching Underlay Stole Included
  • Custom Sizing Available (1-800-331-4117)