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From Creation to Catholicism | Book | Coffin & Horn | Salvation History | 9781941663714 | Audio CD

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In this three CD set, Patrick Coffin and Trent Horn discuss the grand arc of salvation history.

Part One, "From Cosms to Creation", offers a reflection on the creation of God's universe, the problem of evil, God's nature and the notion of evolution from a Catholic perspective.

In Part Two, "From Creation to Christ", divine revelation, the call of Israel and the covenants God made point to the coming of Our Lord.

Part Three, "From Christ to His Church", offers observations on the coverging of history with the Incarnation and founding of the Catholic Church.  

Deepen your knowledge of the story of our salvation and share it with others.

From Creation to Catholicism CD Book Details:

  • Author: Patrick Coffin & Trent Horn
  • The Story of Salvation History
  • Book on CD - 3 CD Set
  • 9781941663714
  • 5-1/3” x 3/4” x 7-1/2”
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