Fleur de Lis Paschal Candle | 14 Sizes | 3 Colors | 51% Beeswax | USA | 6-33 6-34 6-36

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$109.95 - $699.95
DT6-33, 6-34, 6-36
0.01 LBS

The Fleur de Lis Paschal candle carries beautiful symbols pertinent to the Catholic faith.  The budded crosses, available in your choice of white, blue or red, feature fleur de lis at their tips.  The fleur de lis resembles a lily, a sign of purity.  The alpha and omega are intertwined in the upper band, reminding us that Our Lord remains from the beginning to the end of time.  The year is embossed on the lower band.  

This candle contains fifty-one percent beeswax and comes with a set of Paschal nails.

This Paschal candle is available from the F.C. Ziegler Company in seventeen sizes, so you can select the perfect size for your church.  Please use the drop-down menu below to select a size and color.   

Deadline for ordering March 25, 2022

Fleur de Lis Paschal Candle Details:

  • Alpha & Omega Over Budded Cross
  • 17 Sizes Available *
  • Select White, Blue or Red Embellishments *
  • 51% Beeswax
  • Includes Paschal Nails
  • Handcrafted In USA

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