Elephant Blankie | Pink | Jesus Loves Me | Blanket | 35" x 24" | 41128

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What could be better than a tiny pink elephant to cuddle?  Well, it could hold a message of love, unroll into a blanket and be machine washable.

The Elephant Blankie is embroidered with a message reading, "Jesus Loves Me".  A silky brown bow holds this cuddler together and when it is untied, the little elephant unrolls to become a soft blanket.  Unfolded, the blanket measures thirty-five inches by twenty-four inches.  Wrap your baby up and rest assured this blanket meets national safety standard. 

Elephant Blankie Details:

  • Pink
  • Embroidered Sentiment: Jesus Loves Me
  • Dimensions (unrolled): 35" x 24"
  • Washable
  • 100%
  • Meets National Safety Standards
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