Eastern Orthodox Crucifix | Holy Father & Angels | Gold Accents | 3-3/4" x 6" |

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This Eastern Orthodox Crucifix has the traditional three cross beams, with the lowest beam tilted to represent the men on either side of Christ.  One accepted Christ as the Messiah and the other did not.  The cross is made of metal and covered with embellishments.  Note the gold accents marked with a Greek IC and XC. They are the initials of Christ.  God, the Heavenly Father is also accented at the top of the cross, as is Christ's halo.  The Corpus illustrates Christ's suffering and is surrounded by angels and patterns, making this Crucifix, measuring 3-3/4 inches by 6 inches, a beautiful piece.

Eastern  Orthodox Crucifix Details:

  • Ornate Embellishments
  • Gold Accents 
  • 3-3/4" x 6"