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Cross of St Francis | Christ Candle | White | Stearine | 3 x 14 | 84601101 | Cathedral

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The popular Cross of St. Francis is featured in the rich detail of sculpted wax on this white Christ candle. Below the cross, a gold band, edged in green,  bears other symbols such as the Chi Rho and Jerusalem Cross.  Christ Candles, traditionally burned during Advent are also lit during prayer and council meetings or scripture study.  This cross, made of stearine, measures three inches in diameter and is fourteen inches tall.  A spike hole end gives this candle added stability.  It is a beautiful accompaniment to any gathering.

Cross of St. Francis Christ Candle Details:

  • White with Cross of St. Francis and Band with Chi Rho and Jerusalem Cross Pattern
  • Stearine
  • Spike Hole End
  • 3" x 14"
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