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Missionary Rosary | Peace and Conversion of all | Five Continent Beads | Italy

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Because of his love for the missions, Archbishop Fulton Sheen developed the World Mission Rosary.  Each decade of the set of beads is a different color, representing each of the five continents:

  • Red beads represent the Americas, where missionaries journeyed "on fire" with faith in Jesus.
  • Yellow beads represent Asia, where the light of the sun shines first each day.
  • Blue beads represent the islands of the Pacific, surrounded by ocean waters.
  • Green beads represent the many trees and plants of Africa.
  • White beads represent the home of the Pope - Europe.

By our Baptism, we become members of the family of the Church.  As missionaries, we are sent out to bring the Good News of Jesus to others.  This set of World Mission Rosary beads is made of glass and metal.

World Mission Rosary Beads Details: 

  • Design of Archbishop Fulton Sheen 
  • Colored Beads for Five Continents 
  • Glass Beads 
  • Metal Crucifix & Centerpiece
  • Made in Italy
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