Advent Oil Candles | Shell or Refillable Sets | Liquid Paraffin | Available in 2 Colors

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Advent Oil Candles Offer Convenience & Beauty

Just as striking as traditional candles, this set allows you to enjoy the beauty of candles without having to replace them each year. The shells, made of durable nylon, are hollow and use a paraffin canister insert. The refillable candles, also made of durable nylon, are hollow and need only to be refilled with liquid paraffin when they run low. These sets contain a choice of three purple and one pink or three blue and one pink candle and we offer them in a variety of sizes ranging from 7/8 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. You also have a choice of heights: ten, twelve or fourteen inches. Select your preferred size from the options menu when placing your order. To complete your set, a Christ candle, in your choice of a refillable or shell style, with a choice of emblems, is also available, as is the Advent Wreath stand. We suggest calling our toll-free number for help to ensure accuracy if you are ordering supplemental components (Christ candle, wreath stand, followers, sockets, liquid paraffin and/or wicks). Advent oil candle sets can be adapted to fit Ziegler Advent wreaths. Price will vary depending on size and addition of followers and Christ candles.

Advent Oil Candle Set Details:

  • 3 Purple & 1 Pink or 3 Blue & 1 Pink
  • Choose from Shell or Refillable Style
  • Refillable Style Includes Followers
  • Shell Style Does Not Include Followers
  • Refill Using Liquid Paraffin or Paraffin Containers (Sold Separately)
  • Please Specify Style, Size and Color using the Options
  • Christ Candle Shell, Wreath Stand, Liquid Paraffin, Sockets, Followers (shell candles) and Wicks  Are Also Available (Sold Separately)