5 Piece Contemporary Nativity Set | Slim Pieces | Soft Colors | 6" To 8" | RO35847

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At first glance, the figures of this nativity appear fully three-dimensional, but when turned sideways, the pieces are slender.  Because of this design, they are perfect for a fireplace mantle. Mary and Jesus share a base while Joseph looks on, his lamp in hand.  The three wise men have arrived, ready to give their gifts and adore their King.  Each piece, made of resin, is softly colored, the design graceful and flowing.  The pieces range in height from six to eight inches, making this a good set for your mantle or under your Christmas tree. 

5 Piece Contemporary Nativity Set Details:

  • Set Includes Jesus with Mary, Joseph & 3 Kings
  • Slim Pieces
  • Soft Colors
  • Resin
  • 6 To 8 Inches Tall