2019 - 2020 The Living Word | Paperback | Sunday Gospel Reflections & Activities for Teens | 9781616714642 | LWGR20

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The Living Word helps youth ministers, parish catechists, and high school religion teachers engage in a process of catechesis that finds its source in the liturgy. The sessions in this resource are designed to enhance the liturgical preparation, liturgical participation, and liturgical living of teens through reflection on the Sunday Gospel. Following the academic calendar, this resource includes materials for each Sunday and Holyday of Obligation from the first Sunday in August (2019) through the last Sunday in July (2020). In addition to each weekly session, The Living Word offers handouts, “Living the Word,” for the week, inviting teens to reflect on the word and providing actions to encourage them to integrate the message of the Gospel in their daily life. This includes: Fully prepared sessions to lead sessions with youth on the Sunday Gospel Handouts to distribute to teens before leading the session Ideas for integrating the handout into your session

  • Directions and pointed focus statements that help you prepare and lead sessions
  • Closing prayers for each session that are tied to the Scriptures of the day
  • Handouts that provide recommendations for songs, albums, movies, books, quotes from the saints and Pope Francis, and articles that reflect the message of the Gospel
  • Handouts available as color PDFs and JPGs that may be shared on social media, websites, and blogs

The Living Word Book Details: 

  • Sunday Gospel Reflections and Actions for Teens 
  • Compiled 
  • Paperback 
  • 256 Pages 
  • ISBN: 9781616714642 
  • 8-1/2" x 11"