16 Piece Traditional Nativity Set | da Vinci Inspired | 2" - 25" | MAR6084712

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What better inspiration for a nativity than Leonardo da Vinci?  This gorgeous set of 16 pieces, was created with inspiration from the famous artist.

The figures range in size from 25" to 2" tall and have been delicately painted in rich jewel-toned colors with just a touch of glitter. The craftsman's expertise is evident in numerous way. The furrowed brows, high cheekbones, and jewels of the three kings give their faces character. The resting camel carries jugs attached to its saddle.  The elephant's realistic howdah, the King's turban with gold leaf extensions and the bony knees of the shepherd boy are all details that enhance the scene.

This set also comes with the stable pictured in the image.  It measures 30 inches by 22 inches by 14 inches.

Notice the muscled anatomy of Joseph, his curved staff, Mary's delicate hands, the intricate detail on the wings of the angel...this set is best enjoyed in person!

16 Piece Traditional Nativity Set Details:

  • da Vinci Inspired
  • Set Includes The Christ Child in the Manger (one piece), Joseph and Mary, 1 Gloria Angel, 3 Kings, 2 Camels, 1 Elephant, 1Goat 1 Shepherd Boy 1 Lamb, 1 Ox, 1 Donkey & 1 Palm Tree
  • Pieces Range in Height from 2" to 25" 
  • Stable (Included) Measures 30 " x 22" x 14"